Our Team

Our Story

StrongMinds Australia was conceived when two of the founders, Matthew Elliott and David Myles supported each other in their grief after the suicide of a friend and a family member. They looked for supporting services, and the more they researched, the more they found that despite increased funding, and availability of resources and wonderful organisations, the problem is getting worse. They realised that the current available clinical models are based on early intervention, not prevention. With this in mind StrongMinds Australia was born and unique programs were developed that focus on prevention, not intervention.

The StrongMinds Australia mission is to provide individuals and businesses with awareness, strategies and tools to address challenges from everyday life. The focus is on the maintenance of wellness and our programs provide a unique and fun experience for all involved. StrongMinds Australia’s programs are different because they are preventative. The programs aim to elevate the participants’ productivity and more importantly, their personal wellbeing by building and guiding the development of mental strength and emotional resilience using a range of innovative and practical strategies.

Our Team

The StrongMinds Australia team includes nationally recognised leaders and experts who work in a range of industry sectors including high performance sport, building and construction, medicine and health, mining, retail, education, military and business world. StrongMinds Australia partners with other organisations that share the same goals of helping people to help themselves.

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