What can organisations expect if they engage StrongMinds Australia?

StrongMinds Australia is passionate about changing behaviours to promote a high performance cultures & elite individual approach. Ultimately the outcome is to create more productive, engaged and healthy environments where excellence is the norm and improvement is constantly being pursued.

That's an ambitious claim; exactly how does SMA go achieving these results?

StrongMinds Australia programs go through a structured 12 step process that initially creates an awareness of; what your personal best is, the impacts of pressure and change, along with access to high performance approach for individuals through to entire organisations. This allows the development of clear policies and divisive strategy that drive systematic process and task.

What is the basis of the program content?

StrongMinds Australia balances the physical, mental and emotional capacities of individuals, teams and organisations. Ensuring that people’s personal state is optimal at all times, the engagement across teams allows for high functioning in adversity & success and company values statements are more than wall decorations but a driving force for performance.

So how does this look on a daily basis?

Genuine engagement and greater clarity, inspired by an environment of commitment to ensure participants pursue their personal best through entrenched routines. This sees a focus on tasks rather than how long or how difficult, people spend invest in improvement in a effort to do all they can to help team results and levels of support inside the workplace elevates as overall outcomes supersede the need for individual recognition or reward. Higher productivity, enhanced health and engaged relationships are fundamental outcomes.

How is the program implemented?

StrongMinds Australia targets all levels of organisations from Senior Leadership, through middle management to service providers & staff. The development of policy and strategy resulting in the implementation of elite behaviours.

Relevant Data

  • Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.51 Billion a year (Australian Safety & Compensation Council 2007)
  • Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 Billion a year (Australian   Safety & Compensation Council 2007)
  • 2 Days per year per worker are lost every year through stress (Australian Safety & Compensation Council 2007)
  • Estimated costs of Obesity $58 Billion per Year (Access Economics Report 2008)
  • Obese workers have higher percentage of absenteeism, illness and injury at work (Access Economics Report 2008)
  • In Australia, it’s estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.
  • In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety. 
  • On average, 1 in 6 people – 1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men – will experience depression at some stage of their lives.
  • Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in On average, 1 in 4 people – 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men –  will experience anxiety.
  • At least seven Australians take their own lives every day (nearly 3000 people every year)
  • Approximately 64000 people will attempt to take their own life in Australia every year.

If you consider this data as an indicator of extreme issues being experienced in our communities, it isn’t difficult to draw a line and speculate that these emotional factors are impacting personal and organisational performances at a more subtle level.

StrongMinds Australia addresses this phenomenon by clearly explaining what are individuals’ most productive states and demonstrating how to create high performance cultures for organisations.

Ultimately the introduction of elite systematic behaviours entrenched in daily routines is the culmination of SMA programs.