Program Benefits

Strongminds Australia Program Benefits

Our programs include strategies to develop emotional capacities and resilience; manage pressure and change; and provide behavioral and productivity benefits. Some of the benefits that can result from our programs are:

Increased performance under pressure
Reduced absenteeism and reduced staff turnover
Reduced work cover insurance claims
A more engaged and happier workforce
Reduced medical costs
Increased physical performance
Improved mental resilience and mental performance
Awareness around when feeling anxious and stressed then having strategies to deal with this effectively

StrongMinds Australia is passionate about implementing unique and engaging practices that deliver increased productivity by providing individuals the tools to experience life with a positive mindset, and the resilience to bounce back when adversity inevitably shows up.

Key Outcomes

Minimalisation of the impacts and costs related to mental and physical illness in the workplace.
Development and implementation of emotional resilience strategies that increase productivity and efficiency levels in the workplace.
Introduce strategies and practices that reduce stress on individuals and units within the organization.
Introduce support mechanisms with the intention of making staff feel that there is genuine care for their wellbeing.
A primary goal would also be to further enhance workplace environment to positively impact output, staff retention and recruitment