Our Services

StrongMinds Australia is a genuine preventive Mental Health Program that is founded on balancing and building emotional, mental and physical well-being. Clients experience elevated levels of engagement in life directly impacting every relationship including with themselves, other people and their occupation. Individuals can use the techniques they learn in our programs across all facets of their life. Our services are immersed om practicality and are designed around the specific needs of participants.

Organisational Audit

A very practical non-clinical information seminar.


High Performance &
Personal Best Program

This program provides participants with “real” tools for balancing mental, physical and emotional performance from your staff.

Educational Seminars
& Modules

Unique and engaging programs that provide individuals with the tools to experience life with a positive mindset, and the resilience to bounce back when adversity inevitably shows up.


Extraordinary People

Motivating and inspirational programs and presentations that teaches Mental Strength and Mental Resilience. “Real Life” experiences delivered by extraordinary people from the business, sporting, political and general community.